1st Trimester Echocardiography & Early CHD Screening


23-24 September 2023

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am thrilled to announce that the FIRST TRIMESTER ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY & EARLY CHD SCREENING conference, taking place on 23-24th September¬†2023 in London, will be an extraordinary and unparalleled event. This year’s conference will serve as a comprehensive summary of the groundbreaking work we have accomplished in developing and promoting first-trimester CHD screening worldwide. Our extensive training program has gained immense popularity and widespread implementation.

In just two days, you will gain all the essential knowledge about early fetal echocardiography and CHD. The conference will provide practical insights, techniques, and guidance for early diagnosis, verification, counseling, diagnostic work-up, and management of congenital heart defects (CHD).

We will present an efficient and pragmatic approach to the early fetal scan, combining practicality with cutting-edge methodologies. This state-of-the-art conference in London promises an exciting exploration of the latest advancements.

The 6th EFS Conference will mark the culmination of our educational events on this topic as we temporarily pause our training activities. During this time, I will be fully engaged in the development of an enthralling new field in fetal medicine known as “10 Week Scan.” Once we have acquired sufficient expertise in this area, we will resume our training program.

Please help spread this announcement among your colleagues to ensure maximum reach.

With warm regards,

Dr. Fred Ushakov

10 Main Advantages of Early Fetal Cardiac Screening

  • Early detection of CHD
  • Detection of severe cardiac anomalies with the worst prognosis
  • Before or simultaneous with NIPT
  • Appropriate fetal dimensions for transvaginal fetal heart scanning (TVS)
  • Combined use of TAS and TVS
  • Some CHD are more prominent at the early stages
  • Time for additional tests and their results (karyotype, arrays, exome, genetic, TORCH, etc) and for counselling by the multidisciplinary team (MDT) wich includes fetal cardiologists
  • Option of surgical termination for lethal/severe conditions
  • Understating of the natural history of cardiac anomalies
  • If something is unclear on the early fetal scan of the heart, there is always time for detailed follow-up echocardiography at later stages.